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The Impact of Therapeutic Songwriting


Children Playing Bongo Drums


Beyond Talking Therapies

At Therapeutic Songwriting, the individual therapy sessions allow each person the chance to process their thoughts, feelings, conditions and life situations through music.  My role is to reflect back to each person what they are expressing, both verbally and non verbally, and to work together to enable each person to express themselves beyond words alone, as their confidence grows, into music and song. This allows the Personal Unconscious - in Jungian theory the part of ourselves that contains our unresolved issues and complexes - to have a clear voice, leading towards the potential for significant positive change. 

Listening to Music


Quality Care

Numerous groups, organisations, classes and schools have written songs together using the Therapeutic Songwriting framework. From Well Woman groups to Teachers to those with Memory Loss & Dementia to School Children looking to express their values and promote good causes; they all discover a sense of integration, achievement and increased wellbeing once they have written and recorded their songs. Groups sometimes like to share their songs (if agreed by all involved) and this sharing is often experienced as an integral part of the journey towards positive mental health. Here are two examples:

Grafham Grange Special School

Moving On (Live Performance)

Piano Lesson


Here For You

Families that engage in Therapeutic Songwriting usually do so as individuals at first, which can then naturally progress to a place where individuals wish to share what they have created (if appropriate) with family members within a therapeutic, safe environment. Families also write songs together when needing to process a life situation which has affected them all - such as a bereavement or trauma. I often use Jungian Sandtray Therapy alongside Therapeutic Songwriting when working with families as the two mediums complement each other and allow a deeper symbolic expression of self. This helps each person show how they experience family life at present and how they would like to experience it in the future; leading to positive, agreed changes in family dynamics. 

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